Hello, and thank you for visiting my Website!
If you already looked through my Portfolio you see that my photography is all about Wildlife! But lets get started and let me tell you who I am and how come that I do such photography. 
My name is Yannick Wilkesmann and I come from around Zurich in Switzerland. Currently I am 17 years old and just starting my career as a wildlife and nature photographer. I have been in school until I was 15, after school I had to find an apprenticeship and get into a normal workroutine. I did that and found a good apprenticeship as a system engineer in IT. But after one year I figured out this doesn‘t make sense, I cannot live like that. I was so unhappy that after one and a half years I quit my apprenticeship and started to get into full time photography! This year in August my second apprenticeship (as a photographer now) started.
But why photography? I chose it because I love to capture a moment, a moment you cannot recreate the way it was, it is kind of artistic but also very real. And it is especially exciting if you combine this with something you love, for me that is wildlife! There is nothing more exciting than wildlife, I love the wilderness. Being out there just you and the wild is a feeling you have to witness or you will not be able to even think how this feels.
And then there is the conservational side of wildlife photography, I hope to help and sometime get into some project after I finished my apprenticeship and can hopefully study in Biology. My goal is to let people realise that what we do to our earth and other LIVING beings is not ok at all. We need to stop poluting and killing our own live well!
Thank you for listening to my story. And now I wish you a nice time looking at my photos! If you don‘t want to check my website all the time feel free to follow me on Instagram, I post there regulary and you will know where I am currently. If you‘d like to see some behind the scenes video you can have a look onto my youtube channel. You can find both Youtube and Instagram below.
Yannick Wilkesmann
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